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I like most books, particularly children's and YA. The fact that I am 21 does not and will never hinder this, and it shouldn't. A good book is a good book is a good book. Anyway. I'll read anything I can get my hands on if the mood suits me.

Me and Earl and the Dying Girl

Me and Earl and the Dying Girl - Jesse Andrews Good stuff, though there were some things I thought could've been handled better. I would have liked a few more scenes with Rachel, though I guess that would've missed the point the story tried to make. Anyway, this was really fun and funny, and all of the movie references were great. I think, though, that this story would make a better movie than book, and considering how the movie adaptation is getting rave reviews at Sundance whereas the book was well-liked by critics but not adored, I may be right.

Still, a surprisingly affecting story that also manages to be hilarious most of the time.