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I like most books, particularly children's and YA. The fact that I am 21 does not and will never hinder this, and it shouldn't. A good book is a good book is a good book. Anyway. I'll read anything I can get my hands on if the mood suits me.

Side Effects

Side Effects - Amy Goldman Koss (Okay, it's actually 3.25 stars, but bear with me.)

This is a light, uplifting, not-particularly-emotional little book. As Hazel Lancaster might say, "It's not a cancer book, because cancer books suck." The best thing by far here is that it's really quirky, with a great sense of humor which lightens the extremely serious subject matter considerably. Izzy is a fun character to spend time with and her wry, downright dark sense of humor keeps the book from collapsing into a fit of sadness. (Think the exact opposite of TFiOS, though that book had humor before things got really dark.) The problem here is that, in the last ten pages maybe, things start to get a little more serious, and it's not quite built up to. The ending was quite rushed; If the book were 200 pages instead, it might have been a bit more substantial. As it stands, what we have here is a nice antidote to the tragic cancer stories that strike fear into the hearts of many a hypochondriac. For the right kid at the right time, this book could be just what the doctor ordered.