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Kim Reads Books About Things

I like most books, particularly children's and YA. The fact that I am 21 does not and will never hinder this, and it shouldn't. A good book is a good book is a good book. Anyway. I'll read anything I can get my hands on if the mood suits me.

The Year of the Dog (A Pacy Lin Novel)

The Year of the Dog (A Pacy Lin Novel) - Grace Lin I liked it. Didn't love it like I hoped I would, maybe because it's a little TOO straightforward and simplistic, but it's a simple, adorable little book made up of cute little episodes. I always like books that show kids different cultures, and this one was extremely detailed in that regard. The little drawings were nice too. I'd say this is pretty much perfect for kids around third grade, because it reminded me a lot of the books I read back then.